A journal of innovative poetry and prose, Hambone is edited by Nathaniel Mackey.

Contents: No. 1, Spring 1974

Gerald W. Barrax

five poems

Al Young


Caleb Williams

four drawings

Gloria Watkins 

four poems

David Henderson

two poems

Johnie Scott

one poem

An Interview with Anthony Braxton 

Richard Grant 

three poems


four poems

Jim Mitchell


Wandera Ogana

excerpt from a novel 

David E. Jackson

one poem

Karen Johnson 

a drawing 

Nate Mackey 

three poems

Casper Banjo

three drawings

Fred Johnson 

a story

Michael S. Harper

five poems

John Eckels 

A History of "Black" Films

Sarah Fabio

one poem 

James W. Blake 

one poem & a movment

Karen Johnson

a drawing

Etta Ish

three drawings

William Lawson 

excerpt from a novel

Ishmael Reed 

one poem

John H. Cochran 

an afterword

Contents: No. 2, Fall 1982

bell hooks

poem from the first life

the guard of captive hearts

the woman's morning song

re-interpreting the source

in the manner of the egyptians

John Taggart

Very Slow

Clarence Major


Gail Sher

Suppose deeply offers up 

Susan Howe

"mute memory vagrant memory"

"Distance and eyes get lost (apse to read) Twig"


"Not the true story that comes to"

"right or truth"

"sabbath and sweet spices"

"Twenty lines of"

Wilson Harris


Edward Kamau Brathwaite



Jodi Braxton 


Al Young

What is The Blues?

W.H. Auden & Mantan Moreland

Judy Platz:





Olde Burial Hill

Paul Metcalf

from Golden Delicious 

Nathaniel Mackey

from From a Broken Bottle Traces of Perfume Still Emanate

Jay Wright

Twenty-two Tremblinds of the Postulant (Improvisations Surrounding the Body)

Beverly Dahlen 

from A Reading

Sun Ra

Your Only Hope Now Is A Lie

Robert Duncan 

Quand Le Grand Foyer Descend Dan Les Eaux


After Passage

Ishmael Reed

Ishmael Reed Replies to Amiri Baraka

Vera Kutzinski

Something Strange and Miraculaous and Transforming (Review of Jay Wright's The Double Invention of Komo)

Susan Howe:

Light in Darkness (Review of John Taggart's Peace on Earth)

Contents: No. 3, Fall 1983

Mahmoud Darweesh

From Beirut

David Meltzer


David Levi Struass

Shekinah and Me Go Walking

Making the World Safe

Death in the Afternoon

Wilson Harris

from Companions of the Day and Night

Robert Kelly

Light Writing 

Will Alexander 

from Letters to Rosa 

Stephen Kessler


Love Song

Ballad of the Born (Over & Over)

Kristin Hunter-Lattany

Bleeding Heart

Yusef Komunyakaa

Under House Arrest

The Decadent 

The Sanctimonious


Epilouge: Communion 

Charles Smith

Tender Warior 

Ted Pearson 

from Coulomb's Law

Michael Palmer

Facades for Norma Cole

I was talking to the Baroness

Musica Ficta 

Jason Weiss

What Was It They Were Singing

Death Mask

bell hooks

the body inside the soul

for found fathers 

John Taggart


Sculpture by Bradford Graves

Sphere's Criss Cross I

In Walked Monk

Sphere's Criss Cross II


Nathaniel Mackey

from From a Broken Bottle Traces of Perfrume Still Emanate 

Stephen Davis 

Harder and Harder: Interview with Michael Thelwell

Max Aud 


Veet Shabdo

"Salue the plaited..."

Gypsy Mirror


"A bird..."

Jed Rasula

A Vowel Change 

The Hill of Bees

In Somnus Thickets 

Susan Howe

"Certain autumnal story..."

"Asserttions are truth and falsity..."

"Far away at a periphery..."

from Defenestration of Prague

Joe Weixlmann:

Amiri Baraka and Black Literature Forume: An Epistolary Reply to Ishmael Reed

Sandra E. Drake

Innate Life of the Word (Review of Wilson Harris' Explorations)

George F. Butterick

Endless Protrean Linkage (Review of Susan Howe's Defenestration of Prague)

Richard Grossinger

Whatever the Mouth Eats (Review of Bira Almeida's Capoeira: A Brazilian Art Form

Contents: No. 4, 1984

Édouard Glissant

from Black Salt

Geoffrey O'Brien

from Ancients

Will Inman 

god has not planted real sky

Fort Fisher 

feet to dance 

Don Byrd

from Great Dimestore Centennial

Richard Mandell

The Voice of America

 David Henderson


Third Eye World 

African Engineers 

Portals of the Road

Goyo Seegar

gestalt d'amour

The Blue Bedroom

Heart Says Go

Gary Gach

from A Frozen Rose 

from A Frozen Rose II

Karen Kevorkian 

What Women Talk About

How I Imagined It

My Daughter Says She's Leaving 

Christine Zawadiwsky

Silent Partners

Not Romantic

Falling Forward

Larry Smith

The Testament of Betty Sue Williams

Jay Wright

The Death and Return of Paul Batuta

Paul Portugés


Cry of Breath 

Dream of Death by Birth

Janet Rodney

City of the Long Spring

Joseph Simas


Stephen Emerson

from The Wife

Todd Baron


echo (personal)

echo (imaginary)

one smile

Alejandra Pizarnik 

The Light


For Roberta Flack & the Sisters

Terri Jewell

The Weaving Woman

Sister Flo

Akua Lezli Hope

"Who cries with wasting dawn to worry..."

Survival Is Its Own Revenge

Songs they could sing #482

Clarence Major

Prince Michael 

Dennis Phillips

Themes and Variations

Kit Robinson 

Without a Coat

The Vanishing Problem

David Meltzer


Larry Price

Measure Strictly Is (Review of Ted Pearson's Coulomb's Law)

Vera Kutzinski

Tale of a Black, an Island and Other Blacks (Review of Adalberto Ortiz's Juyungo)

Richard Mandell

Recollected Future (Review of William S. Wilson's Birthplace, moving into nearness)

Jean-Pierre Durix

Antillean Discourse 

Review of Édouard Glissant's Le Discours Antillais)

Jed Rasula

Miraculous Weapons (Review of Aimé Césaire's The Collected Poetry)

James Clifford

A Politics of Neologism (Review of Aimé Césaire's The Collected Poetry, René Depestre's Bonjour et adieu à la négritude and René Menil's Tracées: identité, négritude, esthétigue aux Antilles)

Contents: No 5, Fall 1985

Joseph Donahue 


Leslie Scalapino 

Wind series

Richard Mandell

I Have, I Am 

Will Alexander

from Soniferous Whirlwind Correspondence

Harryette Mullen 

A Woman Is Dreaming

Spelled Out 

Bell Hooks

from Black Is A Woman's Color 

Benjamin Hollander

650 and Monk

Four Holes for Monk

Nathaniel Mackey

from From A Broken Bottle Traces of Perfume Still Emanate

Don Byrd 

from Great Dimestore Centennial 

Clarence Major

Tewa Victories 

Rosmarie Waldrop 

The Words of Those Who Have Gone Before Us

Geoffrey O'Brien

a western

Robert Kelly 

from Erin Tantra America

Wilson Harris

from Black Marsden

Stephen Kessler

Cultural Resistance in the Caribbean: An Interview with George Lamming 

Phillip Foss

Virga, Icy Gate

Christopher Dewdney

from A Natural History of Southwestern Ontario 

Depth Sounding, Lake Windermere

Karin Lessing

Naming it

St. Francis at Dinnertime 

Gary Gach 

from A Frozen Rose IV

Gustaf Sobin 

What the Music Wants

Eleven Rock Poems

Contents: No 6, Fall 1986

Kenneth Irby

"to accumulate rites..."

"then pointed to the opposite hills..."

Todd Baron

known & begun or

exit (or

Joseph Donahue

Here and There 

Roger Riggens

Beyond "A"

"Pure Lies and Malicious Acts"

The Death of Esu (#2)

Black Tarr

Timothy Maliqalim Simone

Between Crossings

Ann Peterson

Praxiteles Grieving 

E. Applies to Reside in Christopher's Garden

Laura Moriarty 

Fat Tuesday

John Clarke

Poetic Crisis 

Finished for My Friend


What Trade Shall My Husband Be? 

The Church of the Phenomenal 

Christian Zawadiwsky

Scaring Everyone 

Anything the Dreams or Moans

Fernando Alegria 

from The Funhouse

Nathaniel Tarn

from Ethnographies 

Phillip Foss

Resistance to Passion 

Anne-Marie Albiach

OBJECT The Double 

Grant Fisher 

Walpurgis Broth 

Monserrat Recalled 


Wilson Harris

Character and Philosophic Myth

Houngan and Shaman

from The Angel at the Gate

Jerome Klinkowitz

Wilson Harris' Intertextuality: The Angel at the Gate 

Hena Maes-Jelinek

Altering Boundaries: The Art of Translation in The Angel at the Gate and The Twyborn Affair 

Jean-Pierre Durix

The Masks of Fiction: Wilson Harris' Carnival 

Joyce Sparer Adler 

The Evolution of Female Figures and Imagery in Wilson Harris' Novels

Contents: No 8, Fall 1989

Ann Peterson 

Double Point


Janet Rodney


Mountains Are Mountains

I Want You Green 


The Disorder

Ted Pearson 


John Clarke

World Fundamentuming

A Distinctive Fag

Blue Shadows in the Snow

The Waters of Avalon 

The Fall

Joseph Donahue 

The Tree of Many 

Crania Americana 

Amiri Baraka 

Oedipus As Culture Hero!

Changes Changing 

Philip Foss 

The Contempt Cloth 

Musician of Fallacy

Jon Davis

Sante Fe 

Memory With Its Little Arms

Elizabeth Alexander 

 Four Bongos: Take A Train

Geoffrey Jacques 

Blue Indigo 

Victor Hernández Cruz

Al-haram (The red one)

Jay Wright 


 The Power of Reeds 

Desire's Persistence 

The Anatomy of Resonance 

Keith Waldrop 

Apparent Motion 

Excuse for Festivities

Kofi Natambu 

 New York Series I (MIDTOWN)

The New Fictions 

Michael Davidson 

Post Hoc




Utter Mimesis

Larry Price 

from No (world version)

Marlene Nourbese Philip

Universal Grammar 

The Question of Language Is the Answer to Power

Wilson Harris 

from Carnival 

Ed Roberson 

Ask for "How High the Moon"

After the De-tonation on the Moon by NASA 

Given Way 


Charles Stein 

The Power of Silence 

Martha Ronk Lifson 

It isn't over yet


John Yau 

from Ghenghis Chan: Private Eye

Barbara Guest 


Lydia Davis 


20 Sculptures and One Hour 

Southward Bound, Reads Worstward Ho

Karl Young 

from Milestones 

Gene Frumkin 

Turn, Table 

Kevin Magee


Contents: No 9, Winter 1991 

Ed Roberson 

The Aerialist Narratives

Taking the Print 

Heading: The Landing 


Douglas Lowell


Ted Pearson 

from A Work in Progress

Lisa Cooper 

You're Begged for A Prayer and You Fake It

One Piracy 

John Taggart

Alternate Take 

Edward Kamau Brathwaite



Sun Song

Nathaniel Mackey

An Interview with Edward Kamau Brathwaite 

Pierre Joris

from Lemur Mornings

Charles Bernstein

How I Painted Certain of My Pictures 

Butcher Boys 

Kevin Magee 


Harryette Mullen

from S*PeRM*K*T

Alice Notley 

from A Work in Progress

Eli Goldblatt

from Sessions

Will Alexander

from Pandora's Hatchery 

Gene Frumkin 

Stray Formulations

Joseph Donahue 

Monitions of the Approach

Aaron Rosen 

from  Traces

Stephen Rodefer 

Brief to Butterick 

Roger Riggins

Sequence On(e)

For Danielle Collobert

Martha Ronk 

The elegy of narration 


Geoffrey O'Brien

The Inheritor of the Forest 

People of the Desert

Meeting at Midnight

The Reply

Mary Rising Higgins

Lost Anapest

Accidental Integers

Albert Mobilio 

Bendable Siege 

North's True Speed 


Rosmarie Waldrop 

from Mass, Momentum, Stress

Jay Wright

The Delights of Memory, III: Leroy 

Joseph Donahue 

Dispossessed Spaces (Review of Geoffrey O'Brien's A Book of Maps)

Daniel Davidson 

Diversity, Reference and the Expanded Voice 

(Review of Ed Roberson's Lucid Interval as Integral Music)

Leonard Schwartz


(Review of Joseph Donahue's Before Creation

Contents: No 9, Spring 1992

Tom Mandel 

Open Rebuke (Concealed Love)

from The Prospect of Release

Geoffrey O'Brien

Theory of Climate

Ann Peterson 


Mary Rising Higgins 

Another Of 

A Way (to

Judi Lynne Judy

Something you called technical architecture 

Barbara Henning 

speak to me 

the dollar bill is never never

Clarence Major 


Akua Lezli Hope 

235 Fifth Avenue 

Afro Funk 

Thomas Sayers Ellis 

Giant Steps 

Take Me Out to the Go-Go

Todd Baron 


from Index

Ray DiPalma


Rebus Archive

Lorenzo Thomas

Thinking in Words

An Intervew with Uncle Jeremiah 

William Corbett

Desert Storm 


Nine Lives 

Nathaniel Tarn 

June Snow, Manchuria (Architextures 43-49)

J.C. Ellefson 

A Foreign Tale of Exemplum and Woe

Around Midnight in the Expressionless City...

Phillip Foss

Provinces of Law

John Yau

Angel Atrapado IV

Angel Atrapado V

Susan Howe

from Melville's Marginalia 

Drew Gardner

The Cover

Nathaniel Mackey

from Atet A.D. 

Charles Borkhuis 

Day in the Life of 


Jena Osman

from Stray Plenum 

Tina Kendall

from Cubanacan

Kamau Brathwaite

Trench Town Rock

Aldon L. Nielsen 

Reading James Reading 

Wilson Harris 

The Absent Presence: The Caribbean, Central and South America 

John Tritica 

The Limits of the (Im)Possible

(Review of Gene Frumkin's Comma in the Ear)

Contents: No 11, Spring 1994

Tan Lin 

Anyone Can Perform

Andrew Joron 

Apprentice Scroll


Shade of a Grammarian

George Kalamaras

The Walkshore

Borders My Bent Towards

Ed Roberson 

Heron Riddle Flashback 

"The skipping stone stays out of the water..."

Gustaf Sobin 

Odes of the Extravagated (I)

Odes of the Extravagated (II)

Odes of the Extravagated (III)

Willard Gingerich

An Interview with Armand Schwerner 

Kevin Magee

(Enter Mob)

Mark Payne 


The Relic

"Moon harrows apex blue..."

To the Crystals


Myung Mi Kim

from The Bounty

Joseph Donahue

Spectral Evidence 

Will Alexander

from Isolation, Neutrality, and Limbo

Jay Wright

The Delights of Memory, I: Lily 

Dennis Phillips

Study for the Ideal City

Lynne Beyer 


The Dialectics of Nature

Paul Hoover

Relative Measures of Absolute Value 

Great Expectations

The German Version

Geoffrey O'Brien

The Interior Prisoner

Duncan McNaughton 

At an Advanced Age del Siglo

Blood Count 

The Dead of Lee Hickman

The News in Cantonese 

Albert Mobilio 


Fielding Dawson 

Hands like Titian's Venus

Kathleen Fraser

When New Time Folds Up

Aaron Shurn 

Spring Nude 

Slim Ceremony 

Mark McMorris

Black Pieces

Martha Ronk

Elegy of narration 

The self we keep trying for


The Photograph

The Hollywood hills

Craig Watson 

from Reason

George Albon 

from Cosmorphagy 

Jon Davis

Natural History 

These Are the Words 


The Unravelling: A Meditation on Narrative...

Stephen Kessler 

from So Long Miles

Don Byrd 

Manifesto: Culture War

Forrest Gander

Henry Dumas's Sweet Home

Jason Weiss

Widening the Circle (Review of Kamau Brathwaite's Middle Passages)

Contents: No 12, Fall 1995

Fred D'Aguiar

From Two Who Made the Ark

I am the one

Fanny Howe


Geoffrey Jacques

Dear Old Stockholm 


Jon Davis


Chris Funkhouser

Being Matter Ignited: An Interview with Cecil Taylor

Bruce Malcolm 

Millennium Carbon

Ed Roberson 

Love (of Nation): Noli Me Tangere

Bird Population up on Black Mountain 

Bird's Blake 

The Wanderers

Ray DiPalma

Crystal Wafer 

Pro-portions Pro-nounced 

Ray Ragosta

Faint Resemblance at a Far Remove Betrays Distance

Charles Bernstein 

Unzip Bleed

Tan Lin 

Cringing and Finally Believing 

Mark McMorris


Todd Baron 

from That Looks at One and Speaks 

Steve Benson 


John Keene

from Annotations

Norman Finkelstein


Marlene Nourbese Philip

from The Imagination of Their Hearts 

Rachel Blau DuPlessis

Draft 22: Philadelphia Wireman

Sculpture by Philadelphia Wireman

David Henderson

"Spirit House"

The God of Recognition 

Love in Outerspace

Nomad Island 

Trenchtown, Jamaica

Kamau Brathwaite

Dream Haiti

Rachel Harding

unfinished poem: woman jumping from garret

The Ontology of Black Feminism 

Paul Naylor

from Theses on the Philosophy of History

Douglas Messerli

The Tale of the Little Red Hat 

Sitting Pretty


"It means..."

Gene Frumkin

from History, Biography

Tyrus Miller 

Asymmetrical America (Some Free Throws Through Thoreau)

Thomas A. Vogler

"Into/The Very of Silence" : Reading Susan Howe

Brent Edwards

Ear Work, Cock Drill

(Review of Stephen Jonas's Selected Poems)

Contents: No 13, Spring 1997

Lisa Cooper


Prime Time / The Meaning of Life

Lyn Hejinian 

from A Border Comedy

Hank Lazer


Martha Ronk


Left Undone

Shapes of guilt 

Chris Tysh

adam's apple


la guerre des pronoms

in massacre


John Yau

Dream Hospital 1

Peter Lorre Wonders Which Artist Should Paint His Portrait 

Kevin Young

Campbell's Black Bean Soup

Poison Oasis (1981)

David Marriott


For Invisible Black Vampyres

Araya Asgedom 

Incandescent Croon

The Lament at Ribcage Theater

Will Alexander

Conduction in the Catacombs 

Connie Deanovich

from The Spotted Moon 

Phillip Foss

Strategem: Hagiography

Ideate: Amerigo's Wine

Clayton Eshleman

Notes on Exile and Paradise 

Joseph Donahue

from Terra Lucida

Areas of Elsewhere III

Nathaniel Mackey

Song of the Andoumboulou: 34

Michael Boughn

Dislocations of Crystal

The Dawning of an Aspect


Skip Fox

from Autobiographies

Ted Pearson 

from The Devil's Aria 

Charles Stein

Essay on Music 

"as if analogy were so"

Paul Naylor 

from On Certainty (Part 2: Practicing the Body)

Julio Cortázar


Larry Price

from Circadium 

Norman Finkelstein 


John Taggart 

Bride City

Maria Damon 

Other Beats

Aldon L. Nielsen 

Composite Epic (Review of Wilson Harris's Jonestown)

Benjamin Hollander

Crime Story

(Review of Claude Royet-Journoud's A Descriptive Method)

Contents: No 14, Fall 1998

Four Soninke Legends

Geoffrey O'Brien

from The Browser's Ecstasy

Peter Cole 

Heirloom (Spines)

Transformational Grammar

School: Scripture

Midafternoon the Lawyers

Nathaniel Tarn 

The Wisdom Roses

Barbara Guest

Pale Chloroform

Ed Roberson

Call from Vandall

Ideas of People the Builders Had

The Laying on of Heat Stroke

Amiri Baraka 

Big Foot

Sculpture by Bradford Graves

Bamboo, Water, Moon, Architecture, Don Cherry

An Interview with Steve Lacy and Irène Aebi 

Albert Mobilio 

Score Thrown Through

Joseph Noble 

from an ives set

Jesse Glass

What Is the Rain & Alban Berg Compared to Chinese History?

To Leibnitz from Japan

Phillip Foss

The Entrails of Birds 

Rachel Blau DuPlessis

from Draft 32: Renga 

Pierre Joris

Nomad I

C.S. Giscombe 

Over the Edge 

Susan Thackrey


Michale Davidson

At the Tone 


After First Figure 

Henry James in Hoboken 

Rules of Construction



Craig Watson 

from Tar Box

Harryette Mullen

Free Radicals 

Swift Tommy 

Lydia Davis 

How It Is Done


Right and Wrong 



Martha Ronk


George Kalamaras 

A Theory of I as Inscribed in an Examination of Me

Saw-tooth Tongue Rain-moistened Carp 

Clayton Eshleman 


from Soutine's Lapis

Wilson Harris 

The Music of Living Landscapes 

Brent Edwards

The Race for Space: Sun Ra's Poetry 

Barbara Barrigan 

"Hewing the Void": Linguistic Rebellion in Will Alexander's Asia & Haiti

Andrew Joron

After Spicer (Review of Peter Gizzi's Artificial Heart)

Contents: No 15, Fall 2000

Tyrone Williams

Cold Calls

Geraldine McKenzie


Jeff Gburek 

hymn to helios with hyena tail exhumed and walking 

"it was some tailored foam padding for not banging up shit with"

Eric Bauss

Dear Birds...

Jena Osman


Starred Together 

An Essay in Asterisks 

Hank Lazer

Four for Larry Eigner

Andrew Mossin 

from The Eopochal Body

Gustaf Sobin 

A Portrait of

In Way of Introduction 

On the Rose Vocable of the Inviolate 

Article of Faith

The Heart, Too, Goes Untitled

Kamau Brathwaite 

My Funny Valentine 

Paul Naylor 


Our Words Become Open to

Ronald Johnson 

from The Shrubberies

Carla Harryman

from Gardener of Stars

Scultpture by Thaddeus Mosley

Hollows of the Compass

Region in Suspension 



Ed Roberson 

The Sculpture of Thaddeous Mosley: Four Pieces

Besides the Waters

John Taggart

When the Saints (Part Four)

Fanny Howe

The Tulip 

Paul Hoover


Blue Differentials

Michael Ives

The Last Words of Serge Chaloff, Saxophonist 

Walking Papers

Church Fire

Timothy Shea

Ascension Series

Ted Pearson 

from Hard Science 

Elizabeth Robinson 

Tenets of Roots and Trouble

Will Alexander

from Alien Weaving 

Drew Gardner 

"the voice makes the..."

"are the dioramas..."

"you go to something..." 

George Kalamaras

Rubén Dario and the Birth of Modernism 

The Dreams of George Bacovia, Poet of Insomnia 

Duncan McNaughton 

The quarry (1-13) 

Gene Frumkin 

Surreal Love Life


The Life of Eternity

A Trickle of Flame

Clarence Major

Gelasia's Problem

Ray Ragosta


Laura Moriarty 

from Nude Memoir

Norman Finkelstein 

Drones and Chants

Contents: No 16, Fall 2002

John Taggart 

Henry David Thoreau/Sonny Rollins

Norma Cole

from Coleman Hawkins Ornette Coleman 

Susan Gevirtz 



Rumour X's 3

Human Shield 

Mark McMorris

Black Pieces III (The Horses of Plato & Achilles)

Gill Ott


Gene Frumkin

Portrait of a Monster



Bruce Holsapple and John Tritica

An Interview with Gene Frumkin 

Andrew Joron

Trance Archive

Jono Schneider

from "...But I Could Not Speak..."

Elizabeth Willis 


Aaron Rosen 

from Between the Clock and the Bed

Susan Howe

from Bed Handing 2

Peter O'Leary 

Gravity as the Combine of Light through Time 

A Treasury of Oriental Mythology, ca 1900

Book of Concealment 

Geoffrey O'Brien

The Deluge 


Phillip Foss

village of green water

Nathaniel Mackey

Song of the Andoumboulou: 56

Rachel Blau DuPlessis

Draft 45: Fire 

Draft 46: Edge

Peter Gizzi

Etudes, Evidence, or a Working Definition of Sun Gear 

Albert Mobilio 


Unglued: Pins Left In


Stinging the Chase

Mark Nowak 

Highway 53: Picture frames

Joseph Donahue 

from Terra Lucida 

For Edmund Spenser 

Kenneth Irby 

[nostos - kuboà]

"Our backyard pavilion..."

Harryette Mullen 

I Want to Thank You, Betye Saar

Mermaids of Palmares

Wilson Harris 

Theater of the Arts 

Fred Moten

from Ensemble and Improvisation 

Contents: No 17, Fall 2004

David Marriot 

The Block 

Evie Shockley 

london bridge 

not in the casual chain

George Kalamaras 

From the Book of Tongues

Lyn Hejinian 

from The Fatalist 

Geoffrey Jacques


Sunlit Frames 

Conditions of Artificial Scarcity 

Clayton Eshleman

The Assault 

Notes on Judith Scott's Fiber Art

Ceret, 1999

Descendant (I)

Descendant (II)

Paul Naylor 

from Arranging Nature 

C.S. Giscombe 

from a series about Indianapolis and the maroon nation...

Jay Wright


Noah Eli Gordon 

the right of return 

John Keene & Christopher Stackhouse 

from Seismosis 

Ed Roberson 

Drawing on What is There 

November Late

Flight Record

Painting from Scienc for Hui Ka-Kwong

William Corbet 

1950 1952 1955

A KLINE for Josh Dorman

A Third Kline 

Joe's Own Kline 

A Fifth Kline 



G.C. Waldrep 

Who Is Josquin des Prez

What is Opera 

Norman Weinstein 

A Sentence within a Bandwith of a Lee Morgan Trumpet Solo 

A Sentence Resisting Monumentality 

A Sentence Mapping How Hemingway Listened to Tatum 

Jeffery Renard Allen 


Song of the Shank

Kamau Brathwaite 

The Namsetoura Papers

M. Nourbese Philip 

A Note on Zong!

Zong! #2

Zong! #3

Zong! #4

Zong! #5

Hank Lazer 




Chris Tysh 

Fanny, at the finish line

Kathy Lou Schultz

Or If She Would Fly Apart

Aldon Lynn Nielsen 

Stained Glass Widow

Other Matters

Maxine Chernoff

["In giving you I give myself."]

["things are confounded wth the spirits who made them"]

[not having known how to give]

Bob Perelman

The Job

The Dream of the Bed 

In Memory 

The Culture of Barbarism 

Rosmarie Waldrop

Zero, or Opening Position 

Norman Finkelstein 


Lisa Cooper 



Nathaniel Tarn 

Sun's Clouds 

Impromtu (Becomes Air)

Patrick Pritchett

Exact Presence 

A Song of Degrees (Near Midnight)

Life of Shelley, Part Three

Will Alexander

from Sunrise in Armageddon 

Contents: No 18, Fall 2006

Gustaf Sobin 


From a Grammarian's Fieldbook III


According to the Octave

Ted Pearson 

Phase Rule 

Phillip Foss

this as flower 

G.C. Waldrep 

Who is Friecrich von Schiller

What Is an Arpanetta 

What Is the Brotherhood

Martha Ronk

"It was quite as if, she explained, these random ciphers were a matter of life or death" 

"The photograph that reminds you how it is to be near the sea" 

Suspension in Time 

Aeneid VI 

Jay Wright

The Ambiguous Archive 

Rachel Blau DuPlessis 

Draft 67: Spirit Ditties 

Michael Heller

On a Phrase of Milosz's 

"Dark Talk"


Gene Frumkin 

Another Sunday Morning 

The Son of Life Savers

Blueprint for a New Planet

Life Goes the Distance

Aaron Rosen 

After All

Flesh: An Essay 

Belief: A Fable 

Brian Lucas 


The South of Now

Etel Adnan


Paul Naylor 

Book of Changes (Lower Canon)

Joseph Donahue 

from Terra Lucida 

from Terra Lucida 

George Kalamaras 

From the Book of Tongues (8)

Fred Moten 

walter benjamin/julian boyd 

Rock the party, fuck the smackdown

What y'all need?

The madness of the worker

the salve trade

Anthony Jospeh 


The 'doption

On Kunu morn 

she swam in heaven 

Charles Bernstein 

The Duck Hunters 

Nathaniel Mackey 

Day after Day of the Dead 

Song of the Andoumboulou: 70 

Andrew Joron 

Breath, Bring Nothing to Term 

To Each Correspondent to Speech 

Tony Tost

Imaginary Synonyms 

Lisa Samuels

Intimacy parabola 

Maze: a play in the round 

Choose me 

Box kite (romantic poetry)

Tyrone Williams 



If  A Black Man Is Not (Yet) Survived By

If He Still Black Qua Charged

Or Is He Not 

Kit Robinson 

Working Girl Blues 

Let's Call This

Noah Eli Gordon 

Twelve Paragraphs from a Perfectly Functional Book

John Taggart 

Certain Sculptures of David Smith 

Norman Finkelstein 

Nuestro Pueblo: An Offering 

Reflective Stanzas 

David Marriott

In Memory of Radio 

Names of the Fathers 

Notebook of a Return 


The Ligatures 

Ed Roberson 

New World Orchestra 

"A couple of stars late arriving into place..."

"The lights form the cars..."

"By road as we near..."

"The new jersey..."

"Many location now are ahead of..."

"2:23 am..."

"with the hardness of water I have cracked..."

"They fly these snap..."

So, That's What That Is

Contents: No 19, Fall 2009

Will Alexander 

from Diary as Sin 

George Kalamaras

From the Book of Tongues (21) 

Owl Husbandry

The Kept Burning 

L.S. Senghor's Infinite Dark 

David Marriott


Dawn Lundy Martin 

from Disciplines 

David Need

from St. John's Rose Slumber 

Peter Gizzi 

Hypostasis & New Year 

Now the Things the Are for Jack Are Coming to An End

Kamau Brathwaite 


Norman Finkelstein 


Some Vorpals 


Rene Gladman 

No. 96

Michael Davidson 

The Body and the Picture of the Body

Bad Modernism: Interstices 

The Rapture 

The Amygdual Variations 

Ted Pearson 

from Phase Rule 

from Dark Matter

from Null Set

Some Recent Etudes 

Luke Harley 

An Interview with Ted Pearson 

Fred Moten 

Sonata Quai Una Fantasia 

Geoffrey O'Brien 

7 Small Songs 

Saturday Night 

On the Corner 

Myung Mi Kim 

from Civil Bound 

Philip Foss

Vertical Road to the Descending North

Lisa Samuels

Blood on the Tracks

Peter O'Leary 

The Phosphorescence of Thought 

John Taggart 

Angels No. 2/Kitaj

Lyn Hejinian 

Five Elegies (The Unfollowing)

Carla Harryman 

Sue in Berlin 

Joseph Donahue 

from Terra Lucida 

Paul Mann



The Demon of Analogy 

Ed Roberson 

Nine Chicago Poems 

On the Table 

Sun Ra 

Black Man in the Cosmos 

Nathaniel Mackey 

from From A Broken Bottle Traces of Perfume Still Emanate, Volume 5

Lloyd Addison 

Black in Search of—Beautific Image 

Bar/Borrowed Time 

The Palpable Penumbra (From the Outskirts/Inn-Twosome)

Leslie Scalapino 

from Floats Horse-floats or Horse-flows

Contents: No 20, Fall 2002


Amiri Baraka 

Fashion this, from the Irony/Of the World

Elizabeth Willis


Kenneth Irby

[homage to Joesphine Baker]

Barbara Jane Reyes

from When She Answers

Paul Nelson

Duende's Dancestep

Angel Hack 


Ain't No Gusano

Gardenspace & Hawktime 

G.C. Waldrep

In the Garden of Earthly Delights

Robert Fernanadez

from Pink Reef

Matthew Gagnon

Song of Drift

Song of the Systole

Susan Gervitz

from Circadia 

Andrew Sawacki

from Zerogarden

Patrick Pritchett

Proleptic Seizure

The Books of Remmebering 

The Liberery Is Burning (Letter to M)

Nothing Repairs 

The Ossuaries of Snow

Ed Roberson

Form at the Local Stage

Next to Nothing 

Ghost Dance Song for the Bed Next to Mine

A Sky of Ceiling, A Lone Cloud Its Fan

The Following Moment

Rachel Blau DuPlessis

Draft 105: Pilgrimage 

Peter O'Leary

The Phosphoresence of Thought (Bakxai)

The Phosphoresence of Thought 

Will Alexander

Aludra: On Anonymous Energy 

Jeanne Heuving

Dear Miss Lonelyhearts

Ben Lerner


Laura Moriarty

Who that Divines

Age of Prophecy

Noah Eli Gordon 

from The Source

Laura Carter

from Destructible Heaven

George Kalamara

Takiguchi Shuzo and a Theory of Why We Are Born

Burn This Blossom: Nikos Engonopolous and a Practice of Hands

From the Book of Tongues (1)

Philip Lamantia 

Time Is as Eternity Is: on the White Roas: The Muse

The Juggler in the Desert

Poem for Indians 

34 Words 6 Lines

Panty Hose Stamped with the Head of Medusa 



Nathaniel Tarn

from Exitus Generis Humani, Section Thre

On Poetic Production, "The Embattled Lyric" and a Topography of Hope

Peter Cole

On Being Partial 

What Makes Our Sense Make Sense

A Song of Dissent

Scott Rudd

The Alchemist Bathes 

Ovid in Tomis 

Joseph Donahue 

The Transmigration of Brian Jones

Clayton Eshleman 

Stitt Horns In 

Radio, While Cooking 

Steve Dickison 

from Wear You to the Ball

Jospeh Noble 

The Way


Toward Other Than 

Painting and Drawings by Brian Lucas 

Veil Mynwood Skyhigh


Fallen Script


Star Totem

Constellations's Call

Andrew Joron 

One Below Bless

To the Third Power

Eric Baus

Gored Ox

Urned Braid

Swallow Orbit

OX Tongue 

Lab Comb

Dove Bomb

Parallel Puma

Votive Scores

David Lloyd






William Corbett

Poem A Game of Patience 

A Memorial Reading for Michale Gizzi

To Wynn


David Need

from Goodnight Irene: Aries Moon

Louis Chude-Sokei

from Our Infinite Arrival: A Memoir

Fred Moten 

from Block Chapel 

Lisa Samuels 


Love poem

Sub rosa 

Ray Ragosta


Done Deal

Mark McMorris

from 12 Rectangles

Kamau Brathwaite

The Slave Ship Beloved