A journal of innovative poetry and prose, Hambone is edited by Nathaniel Mackey.

Current Issue

Summer 2015


Dawn Lundy Martin

from Good Stock

Aldon Lynn Nielsen

from Tray

John Keene


Michael Palmer

The laughter of the Sphinx

Tomb of Aimé Césaire

In Memory of Ivan Tcherepnin

Trio (Paris 1959)

Clarence Major

An Occasional Flower

Bowling Ball

Dirty Hands Confession

Music Therapy

Christopher Funkhouser

On The Cricket: An Interview with Amiri Baraka

Peter Cherches

The Ravages of Time

Mr. Mondrian’s Confusion

Susan Howe

from Tom Tit Tot

Lissa Wolsak

from Of Beings Alone: The Eigenface

Hank Lazer




Will Alexander

On Crossing the Vermin Frontier

Alice Notley

The Sword Bridge

David Need

Dream, Trance and Form: An Exchange with Alice Notley

Laynie Browne


Harryette Mullen

from Tanka Diary

Duncan McNaughton

More of the Same

Hand in Hand

Metric Wire


Memento Bob Kaufman


After Coleridge

The Sabra Optics Case

Teatime, The Gosnold Arms

Hocus Locus Focus. Pocus

Geoffrey O’Brien

The Birds

Air for the Magicians

After Calderón: An Exchange from “The Constant Prince” (1629)

Peter Gizzi

Marigold & Cable: a garland for the new year

Phillip Foss

from Morning Star

Peter O’Leary


Steven Manuel

“I take for my meter…”

Hymn XX/Vulcan hums, out of Lawson


Ken Taylor

taking the auspices


casting couch

Kamau Brathwaite

eleven first poems from the last Green Book of Heaven

Rosmarie Waldrop

White Is a Color

Ted Pearson

from Tombstone Blues

from Extant Glyphs

David Marriott

Cradle and All

Be Good, Save

Whit Griffin

Do Not Move Lake Camarina

When the Stranger Has Been Victorious in Both

Fragments of Uncertain Location

Joseph Donahue

Oppen at the Apocalypse

Andrew Mossin

Drafts for Shelley: Meridian

Nathaniel Mackey

Song of the Andoumboulou: 117

Norman Finkelstein





Alan Bernheimer

The Spoonlight Institute

Stephen Emerson

Monochromes 9. Slaked

Monochromes 10. Prideful days in the prairies

Monochromes 11. Things that go whoosh

Monochromes 14. The Swinish

Monochromes 15. In the smur

Monochromes 16. The Afflicted

Hut! Hut!

Tyrone Williams

Bowsprit and Mast

It’s Messianic Time!

Of Fig Leaves, Briefs, Jockeys, and Long Johns

Punt Per Gondola